About us

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            Elbynart Corporation formerly known as RAM commercial started in 1988 importing various automotive products to provide the best quality and best products that can be found. The company started their expansion from Luzon to the rest of the Philippines and has since become one of the leading figures in the automotive aftermarket industry. 



          Industry Experience

            The sole distributor of Gates Rubber products and Hydraulic Hoses. An authorized dealer of Bosch Automotive parts receiving multiple rewards. An importer of various automotive and motorcycle parts, we continue to look for and import the best                                                                products for our loyal customers.  

Elbynart Corporation is proud to serve over 1000 customers from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. With decades of experience in the industry the company assures that you will be able to find all your aftermarket needs in their wide range of products with all the sizes.